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Omega Hitz – Remix Contest | Nicky Valentine & Allan Natal (english)

The track “You Won’t Bring Me Down” enters on the contest to new remixes
The Omega Hitz in partnership with the producer OH and the record label Sony Music Brazil initiates the contest that will select a producer to participate in the official remixes of the pack for the single “You Won’t Bring Me Down”. The track marks the Nicky return to the dancefloors and makes debut Allan Natal in OH, giving the opportunity for a producer to have his remix licensed by one of the biggest record company in the world: Sony Music.
The Omega Hitz Remix Contest will have their promotional period until the day April 4, 2015, when a team chosen by OH Produções, besides the artists Allan Natal and Nicky Valentine, will select the best between the produced remixes. The official pack will be released digitally in all musical platforms and will feature some of the top names of the national and international segment.

“You Won’t Bring Me Down” was officially released on 10 February and took first place in sales in the electronic chart of iTunes, ahead of global names like Hardwell. The unprecedented partnership of Allan Natal with Nicky Valentine, has already become the national electronic single with high-profile launch in 2015 and is confirmed in the new album of Nicky and Allan Natal, that will debut in this year. The regulation of promotion brings all information. Stay tuned to detail and follow all the rules. See you on the dancefloor!
01. Day February 23, 2015 is the date of commencement of the competition, which runs until April 4, 2015, the end date.
02. Producers may send a maximum of 1 remix. They can also participate in projects involving more than one producer. In this case, the project members may not participate individually with another remix.
03. TO PARTICIPATE: download “remix pack” (click here), containing original and exclusive material for the track “You Won’t Bring Me Down”. Create a remix for the track “Nicky Valentine & Allan Natal – You Won’t Bring Me Down”. The use or not of all items of “remix pack” is the responsibility of the participants. Post the version radio edit remix on your channel on Soundcloud*, named as follows: “Nicky Valentine & Allan Christmas – You Won’t Bring Me Down (Project Name / Producer Remix) OMEGA HITZ – REMIX CONTEST”. Please use the official cover (cover art) of the competition, available in “remix pack”. Send the link of your extended remix by email to, along with your personal details (full name, social security number, email and phone numbers). If a project with more than one producer, send the information of all members in the same email. Registrants agree with the rules of this contest and are aware that the songs will be sent owned by Sony Music, in partnership with producer OH and may not be marketed by some label without permission.
04. COPYRIGHT CONTROL: the use of any material that contains copyright control is prohibited (copyright control). Only the original parts (stems) of music sent in “remix pack”. Bootlegs and mashups will not be accepted. Known songs vocals also will not be accepted. Only original material.
05. IMAGE USE: If you are the winner, will be aware of who should arrange your information, biography, pictures and assign the use of his image to promote by OH Produções and Omega Hitz.
06. WINNERS: The election of the best remix is ​​left to judges chosen for this contest, artists Nicky Valentine and Allan Natal, Pedro Pitanga (representative of Omega Hitz) and Fernanda Silva (representative of OH). The winner will be notified by email. Once notified, the winner must provide the final file the track in WAV format for later release.
07. PRIZES: The chosen version of “You Won’t Bring Me Down” will be part of the official music single. The remix champion will be digitally released by the label Sony Music Brazil. The single will be sold in sites specializing in electronic music sales, and promotion by the portal Omega Hitz and their social networks.
08. GAINS: The winner will share in sales of music, with figures and percentages individually agreed by contract with OH Produções.
09. WINNERS: The Remix Contest winner will be announced in articles published across the specialized media.
10. All parts (stems) of “You Won’t Bring Me Down” retain their copyright, and prevented from being used after the end of the competition, including the band released for free download. The use of parts (stems) of “You Won’t Bring Me Down” is unique to remixes of this track participant of the competition. The use of stems for any other purpose is prohibited.
11. It is forbidden to disclose or release to download any remix of the track, other than for the contest participation purposes, in accordance with the rules set out in the Regulation. Any producer who use the material available on sale for their own benefit (out of the competition), or the creation of remixes that are not official, is subject to legal proceedings and the complaint for copyright infringement on any social network in which the material is hosted and can be punished with exclusion of the channel, at the request of the copyright owner.

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